Contrast – VDLP Day 3

┬áCastilblanco to Almaden de la Plata – 29.6 km / 18.5 miles – now @ Almaden Municipal Albergue.

Big day today and one of two halves. I made a video which tells the story better than I can write. It is on Youtube now (linked below) and hence this is a shorter blog post today.

I slept well last night, the noise level in the dormitory was much less and we were better spread out.

The day started in dreary rain and that’s how it stayed for the first half of the day.

I decided that I can’t carry my ukuele to Santiago, so I donated it to the albergue. The guy seemed really pleased with it.

Shame in a way as it was my first, bought for $20 in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Hope some other pilgrims have some fun with it!

The rain finally relented and I managed have some lunch just before the end of the 16km road section. I cannot sugar coat this morning, it was pretty miserable walking next to a road in the pouring rain.

The afternoon was awesome walking and the sun finally came out. I really thanked my lucky stars as it turned a potentially nightmare day into a wonderful one.

As promised, here is the story of my day…