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My gadget packing list for the trails

Electronic gadgets are very important to me. A mobile smartphone (Samsung S5) and an ebook reader (Amazon Kindle) are the absolute minimum. Along with these comes two pairs of headphones (one as a backup), a double USB wall charger and a power pack (minimum 10,000 mAh). I also carry a number of Micro SD cards, I have two 128GB which are totally awesome for my phone and tablet.

On the Camino Frances I also carried a 7 inch tablet (Samsung Tab 4) which I have to confess to not using much. I did intend on using it to update my blog (this site!) but I ended up using my mobile phone instead. The S5 has a 5 inch screen and typing on it is pretty easy.

The other reason behind taking my tablet was to watch TV and movies on. I think due to the very sociable nature of the Camino it meant I didn’t watch too much in the end. On the Te Araroa, I might be on my own a little more and have less things to do in the evening, so having an extra screen might come in useful.

The total weight for my gadgets is just under 1 kilo or 2.2 pounds. I don’t think that’s too bad considering how important these gadgets are to me.

So here are my current gadgets for the trails…

AMAZON KINDLE 4 – 170 grams


Couldn’t imagine life without my kindle! I read a huge amount of books and the Kindle is the best thing since sliced bread!

My kindle cost me £59 in 2014

Read more and see deals at Amazon



The Samsung Galaxy range of phones has been my choice of smartphone for a number of years now. I have owned the S2, S3 and now the S5 Neo (slightly upgraded model of the S5 but essentially the same).

I use my phone for so many things on the trails.

  • Listening to music
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Browsing the web
  • Booking rooms, flights etc
  • Checking the weather and tides
  • Using Whatsapp & Skype to commuincate with friends and family
  • Watching TV and movies
  • Trail planning and mapping using GPS
  • Tuning my ukulele
  • Checking exchange rates
  • Managing my bank accounts
  • Taking pictures
  • Shooting video
  • Updating my blogs via the WordPress App
  • Keeping notes using Evernote

This list could go on!

This phone cost me £260 in May 2016

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SAMSUNG TAB 4 – 274 grams


This is a controversial one. Why am I carrying what is essentially a larger version of my phone and a kindle too? Good question!

To be honest, I am not sure it’s going to make my final gear list on the TA. I will take it on the Bibbulmun as I want to see how heavy my pack would be.

I guess there are a couple of good reasons to bring it. It doesn’t weigh a huge amount at 274 grams and with a 4000 mAh battery, it doesn’t require charging as much as a phone.

I do quite a bit of writing and it’s much easier to type on this than a phone. The TA is 5 months and I want to be able to write as well as walk!

My S5 battery life isn’t the greatest, despite being a new phone. Something to do with Android Lollipop I think. If I use my phone to do everything, including power consuming movie watching, then I am going to be constantly running out of juice.

This one cost me £120 in September 2014

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ANKER POWERCORE 13000 MAH – 254 grams


Another essential item! I highly rate Anker’s products having owned a number of their goodies from mini USB speakers to various power packs.

This one is quite a beast packing in 13000 mAh. This badass charges my smartphone at least 4 times which is pretty awesome and should see me through those longer stretches of the TA.

It does take a a long time to charge up so really needs to be plugged in overnight. It can charge two devices at once.

This cost me £25 in May 2016

Check it out on Amazon’s site



Of course another essential item. I chose a double one so I can charge two devices at once or at least offer one lead to another person. Will have a NZ/Australia connection to avoid having to use any adapters.

Costs around £10

Check out Amazon’s selection of wall chargers.

SAMSUNG EARPHONES  X 2 – 13 grams per pair


I like my music but not enough to spend £100s on expensive earphone or headphones.

The Samsung earphones that come with the phone is fine for me and I bought a second pair as a back-up.

Why need a back-up? Well I don’t want to be in the middle of the South Island with a broken pair of headphones!

A new pair cost around £15

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SAMSUNG EVO MICRO SD CARDS – 0.5 grams each!


I always have a selection of Micro SD cards one me. These things are awesome and I cannot wait to get my hands on a 256GB bad boy!

I always but direct from Amazon as there are so many scammers out there selling copies that will die on you or be very slow. I also stick with the Samsung EVOs as they have proved very reliable and great value for money.

I have two 128GB, one in my S5 and one in my Tab 4. I also have a number of 64GB and a couple of 32GB. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle buying any smaller than this.

I paid around £30 each for my 128GB cards which is excellent value compared to high street stores which often charge £50 or more.

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