Long Trails

Hola La Rioja – Day Seven

The longest day for me so far, nearly 29km (18 miles), and another long one tomorrow. Oddly, I am feeling quite fit, and even the long trudge through the concrete jungle approach to Logrono did n’t seem too bad. Just 625km to Santiago!

The municpal albergue was completo when I arrived in the capital of the La Rioja region, so I headed for a private one. The lady on reception asked me if I wanted my own room, for just a little more, and without any consideration, I handed over the extra Euros.

After 6 nights of bunk beds, snoring, bag rustling, bad smells, lights being turned on anytime after 5am, lack of power outlets etc, having my own room seems ridiculously indulgent. Not only do I have a double bed and a balcony, there is also an en-suite bathroom!

So the weather today was a little cooler, making the long walk quite comfortable. I’ve been lucky with the weather, and as in the tropics, it only  seems to rain late in the afternoon.

La Rioja is of course famous for the wine, and it’s my favourite red by a country mile. In terms of white, it’s pretty much anything from New Zealand. Little wonder that Spain and NZ are my favourite countries.

Feet: Blister situ is totally under control. Walking into Logrono today, first signs of foot pain from days of walking on hard ground.

Food: Coffee x3, croissant x2, huge baguette with cheese and tomato, apple, banana, oreos, beer mahou x1, tapas x lots, big cherry ice cream.

Feeling: Indulgent (did I mention the 10am check out time tomorrow?). Also a little sad, left quite a few friends behind today, as they only wanted a short walking day. I will take a day or two off further along, so we’ll meet again, don’t know where…

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