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Update from Perth and a trail name is born

When you hike a long distance trail in the USA, it’s quite comon to have a trail name. Either someone gives you a trail name or you make one up yourself. Basically, if you are on a trail without a name, someone will sooner or later give you one.

While walking on the Te Araroa last year it was noted by others just how many bags I have. I have so many bags, like the little ziplock ones, that I even have a bag for my bags! I have a good variety of other types of bag too, like loads of dry bags. 

An American guy I met on the TA suggested that if I was on one of the U.S. trails then my trail name might be ‘bags’. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, as the whole trail name concept was new to me, but I think it’s time I adopted a trail name, in readiness for future hikes in America.

I am about to start walking south from Kalamunda on the outskirts of Perth. I was going to leave tomorow, but this has me potentially landing in a couple of busy towns on a Friday or Saturday. I try and avoid trail towns at the weekends because grocery stores can keep funny hours and accommodation can be tight, especially with school holidays and nice weather lurking. After 6 or 7 nights straight camping, I am really going to need a bed and a shower!

Therefore, I might delay the start another day. I am still at the YHA in Perth and feel very at home here! There are lots of long term residents of all ages who I have gotten to know and will be a little sad to leave them all. I have travelled a lot over the last year, so it’s nice to slow down and be based somewhere for a few weeks.

The weather has been great here and much milder than when I arrived this time last year. I am hoping winter is behind us now. Tomorrow looks a little wet but it’s sunshine all the way after that.
Bye from Bags 😉

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