Camino Frances

The Camino Frances is the most popular of all Caminos and the vast majority of all Pilgrims that reach Santiago will have walked this way! There are various popular places to start the Frances route with Sarria being by far the most popular! This is because you only have to walk the 116km to receive your Compostela (100km is the minimum!).

I hiked 774km of the French Way from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago and blogged from the Camino everyday (see below). It was a fantastic experience which left me wanting more! I have since walked the Camino Portuguese and Via de la Plata.

camino de santiago blog

Camino Frances Blog – May & June 2016

Here are my blog posts from my 2016 thru-hike of the Camino de Santiago along the French Way!

Day 0 – Arriving at St Jean Pied de Port

Day 1 – Spain to France by Foot!

Day 2 – Foothills to the flats

Day 3 – Strolling to Pamplona!

Day 4 – Back to Nature

Day 5 – Through Olive Groves and Grapevines

Day 6 – A Community on the Move

Day 7 – Hola La Rioja!

Day 8 – A Long Day!

Day 9 – Pushing my Limits

Day 10 – One Day from Burgos

Day 11 – Aches, Pains and Holidays

Day 12 – Carry on Camping!

Day 13 – Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Day 14 – Always been on the Right Path

Day 15 – Along the Pilgrim Highway!

Day 16 – Hot Day on the Highway

Day 17 – Friends Reunited

Day 18 – Food Tedious Food

Day 19 – Saved by the Lion

Day 20 – In Hospital & Five Reasons to Walk a Camino

Day 21 – Leaving Astorga & The Costs of Walking a Camino

Day 22 – Every Breath You Take

Day 23 – The Rain in Spain

Day 24 – Spanish Mike and the Unknown Tapas

Day 25 – Back in the Wine Country

Day 26 – Peregrino Con Rapido (Fast Pilgrim!)

Day 27 – Things that Squeak in the Night!

Day 28 – Off the Beaten Track

Day 29 – Zero Day and Youtube Video

Day 30 – Losing My Religion

Day 31 – A Big Day!

Day 32 – Another Zero Day and Brexit!

Day 33 – Don’t Cry for me Santiago!

Day 34 – All Good Things – The End!