Greetings from Lisboa

I am in the capital city of Portugal when I should have been approaching Salamanca on the Via de la Plata! Well I decided to finish walking the VDLP just short of Merida in Spain (which is a very nice city by the way). The main reason was the complete lack of other people walking.

What did the Romans ever do for Merida?

I would walk alone all day and then more often or not, have an albergue to myself, well a couple of times. I only met a small handful of other pilgrims and overall the VDLP it just didn’t click with me. So I stopped to reconsider my plans.

I took a bus from Merida to Lisbon and have been here nearly a week. I do like this city and the it’s nice being back somewhere with an international buzz. The weather has been fantastic all week and hoping it follows me up to Santiago!

I am taking the train tomorrow to Porto (another fave city of mine) and will start walking north on Tuesday. It should take 10 or 11 days, depending on how lazy I am feeling.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from Lisboa”

  1. Oh – I’m sorry the VdlP didnt resonate with you.
    (wink wink) I love it (waked 2.5 times so far) especially the balance of ‘pilgrims at night’ and ‘alone-time during the day’.
    I’ve also walked the Porto section of CP and the CPI (Camino Portuguese Interior from Viseu to Verin) so clearly love the Portuguese people and culture. That was tough and solitary but walking the Douri Valley was magic.
    I hope you enjoy all the gastronomy in Portugal. Not to mention Vinho Verde!
    Love to see how it compares at this time of year with the VdlP

  2. Probably wise to cut your losses on the VdlP, it’s not for everybody and needs quite a resiliant character. The fact that very few people in rural Spain speak English, and most of the other pilgrims are also non-anglophone must make it especially hard for a monoglot Brit.

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