FAQ: Bwi Trail How Many Miles?

FAQ: Bwi Trail How Many Miles?

How many miles is the BWI Bike Trail?

The BWI Marshall Airport Hiker-Biker trail is a great place to get outside and stretch your legs. This 12.5- mile trail snakes around the entire airport, including Dixon Aircraft Observation Area, where you can enjoy some of the best aircraft watching in the area and a wonderful children’s playground.

How long is BWI loop?

BWI Trail is a 10.8 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Linthicum, Maryland that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate.

Where does the BWI Bike Trail start?

At Dorsey Road in Glen Burnie the B&A Trail ends and the BWI Trail begins. The BWI Trail circles BWI Airport for an additional 12 miles of paved trail. A parking lot and playground are located at the Thomas A. Dixon Observation Area on 1911 Dorsey Road in Glen Burnie.

Where do you park for the BWI Bike Trail?

Parking for the BWI Trail is available at the Tom Dixon Observation Area on State Route 176/Dorsey Road, about 1 mile west of Interstate 97. If that lot is full, park at Sawmill Creek Park on SR 176 along the spur to the B&A Trail. Travel west on the John Overstreet Connector until you reach the BWI Trail.

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Is BWI Trail flat?

Aircraft Observation Area, located at the south side of the Airport Loop east of WB&A Road. The trail itself is mostly flat, although the northern segment of the loop has several grades over 6%. The BWI Trail is a part of the East Coast Greenway.

How do I get to BWI Trail?

The best way to reach the BWI trail is by bike! A short trail spur provides access to the popular B&A Rail Trail running between Glen Burnie and Annapolis. If you prefer to drive to the trail, then a good parking area is the Dixon Observation Park (about one mile west of I-97 Exit 15 on Dorsey Rd).

Where can I watch planes at BWI?

Thomas A. Dixon Observation Area is conveniently located across from BWI Airport. Turn in right off of Dorsey Road, find a parking spot, and prepare for views galore. Because of its proximity to the airport, this spot is perfect for watching planes all day long.

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