FAQ: Devils Bridge Trail How Many Miles From Unpaved Dry Creek Road?

FAQ: Devils Bridge Trail How Many Miles From Unpaved Dry Creek Road?

How many miles is Devil’s Bridge hike?

Devils Bridge Trail is a 3.9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sedona, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and ohv/off road driving.

How long does it take to Hike Devil’s Bridge Trail?

The Devil’s Bridge Trail is fairly short (about 1.8 miles roundtrip), but you will probably end up walking a longer distance because of the rough roads and the available parking options. Expect to walk anywhere from 4 to 5.8 miles round-trip and take about 2 to 3 hours to complete the hike.

Has anyone ever fallen off of Devil’s Bridge Sedona?

Only two deaths have been recorded online from falls on this hike, and (surprisingly?) only one involved a fall from the actual bridge. Both incidents occurred in 2014.

Can you drive to Devil’s Bridge?

Driving. If you have a 4WD vehicle with high clearance, you can drive to the Devil’s Bridge trailhead. From here, it is 2 miles R.T. to go to Devil’s Bridge and back. You start from the parking lot at the beginning of Dry Creek Road and take a very rocky dirt road for about 1.3 miles.

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Is Devil’s Bridge Trail dangerous?

The trail is pretty easy up until you start getting close to the end. It gets pretty steep but there are stair-like rocks in place to make it easier. Once you get to the Devil’s Bridge, it’s worth the hike. Just be cautious, it is dangerous; just because there are no fences or signs to warn you–you need to take care.

Is Devil’s Bridge Safe?

Quite a bit, as many hikers have found out when they see the thin archway of Devil’s Bridge Trail. The natural “ bridge ” is safe enough, with a little common sense, but can be frightening for those with a fear of heights. Surprisingly, it’s actually a relatively short and easy hike with a grand finale like no other.

What mountain is Devil’s Bridge on?

On the Devils Bridge Trail Dry Creek Road and the turn off for the Devils Bridge parking area. At first the trail is very wide, the remains of an old access road. Along the way, if you look up at the rocky mountain in front of you, you might be able to see the balanced rock.

Why is it called the Devil’s Bridge?

The bridge was commissioned by a local knight in 1860 and built with a diversity of local stones. It was called the “ Devil’s Bridge ” because its structure made it so dangerous that it must have been built by Satan, people said.

Is Devil’s Bridge kid friendly?

The good thing about Devils Bridge is that it’s perfect for casual hikers who don’t have the stamina to conquer harder climbs. That being said, this one is also actually kid – friendly. The early going will feel effortless, but it will eventually bring you to an uphill challenge, so you need to be more careful.

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Why is Sedona so magical?

Sedona, Arizona Magic Vortexes: Where to Feel the Energy Flow. The vortexes of Sedona are named because they are believed to be spiritual locations where the energy is right to facilitate prayer, meditation, and healing. Vortex sites are believed to be locations having energy flow that exists on multiple dimensions.

Has anyone died at Cathedral Rock Sedona?

The first 600 feet of the climb is on a trail with minimal climbing. The last 360 feet is up crumbly sandstone. This is some of the worst rock to climb on in the nation. There have been those that attempted these spires and have died trying.

What is the best hike in Sedona AZ?

12 Top-Rated Hiking Trails in Sedona, AZ

  • Cathedral Rock Hike. Cathedral Rock Hike | Photo Copyright: Lana Law.
  • Doe Mountain Trail. Doe Mountain Trail | Photo Copyright: Lana Law.
  • Fay Canyon.
  • Boynton Canyon.
  • Courthouse Butte Loop.
  • Devil’s Bridge Trail.
  • Airport Mesa Trail /Airport Loop Trail.
  • Bell Rock Pathway.

Do you need a pass to Hike Devil’s Bridge?

There are a few parking areas that do require the parking pass. over a year ago. If you have a 4×4 you can skip the initial parking lot & park at the trail head for no fee. But if you do not, you will need to park in the lot which does require a red rock pass & hike to the trailhead.

Do you need a Red Rock Pass for Cathedral Rock?

A Red Rock Pass (or America the Beautiful Interagency Pass, Golden Age or Golden Access) is required when recreating on National Forest land in Red Rock Country. A pass is not required for incidental stopping to take a photograph or to enjoy a scenic vista (approximately 15 minutes or less).

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How wide is Devil’s Bridge?

Devil’s bridge is about 54 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and 45 feet long.

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