How Many Miles Of Walking Or Biking On The Monon Trail?

How Many Miles Of Walking Or Biking On The Monon Trail?

How many miles is Monon Trail?

In the Indianapolis area, the trail consists of 18.1 miles (29.1 km) running through Hamilton and Marion counties, connecting Indianapolis, Carmel and Westfield. The trail has been extended to Sheridan, making the total length 24 miles (39 km).

Monon Trail
Website Northwest Indiana segment Indianapolis segment


How far north does Monon trail go?

The Monon Trail starts in Hamilton County, Indiana at the 96th Street trailhead in Carmel and stretches more than 20 miles north through Westfield and Grand Park to the town of Sheridan.

Is the Monon Trail Safe?

“The Monon Trail is safe. Last month, IMPD held a meeting to emphasize safety along the Monon. The department does use bike patrols on the trail during daylight hours. Still, police never recommend people use the trail alone at dark, as the victim did in this case.

Who owns the Monon Trail?

The railroad adopted the train’s popular nickname, the Monon, as its official name in the 1950s. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad acquired the railroad in 1971, but by 1987 parts of the line were no longer used, including a section that launched the Monon Trail in 1999.

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Is the Monon Trail lit?

The trail isn’t lit and much of it is shrouded under trees and vegetation, which make it pitch black in places.

Is the Monon Trail plowed?

The Monon Trail is open year-round, dawn to dusk. The trail is plowed in the winter, but best enjoyed spring through fall.

How long is the Nickel Plate Trail?

The Nickel Plate Trail is the 40+mile railtrail corridor running from Kokomo in Howard County to Rochester in Fulton County.

How long is the Midland Trace Trail?

The Midland Trace Trail is a paved trail running along the abandoned “ Midland ” Central Indiana Railway corridor (approximately 0.2 mile south of State Road 32). Stretching nearly 4 miles in Westfield, with a trailhead at Quaker Park featuring restrooms, water fountain, parking lot and benches.

How long is the Monon High Bridge?

60 feet high from the creek bed. Total length: 853.0 ft.

What does Monon mean?

New tracks laid through Carmel in 1883 crossed the old at the small northern Indiana town of Bradford just as that hamlet’s name was changed to “ Monon,” a Potawatomie Indian word meaning “swift running” that the Indians had given to a local creek.

How did the Monon Trail get its name?

The Monon Trail gets its name from the Potawatomi word “monong,” meaning “swift running.” Today, people take to the trail at a variety of paces.

Where can I bike in Indianapolis?

  • Indianapolis Cultural Trail.
  • Monon Rail Trail.
  • Central Canal Towpath.
  • Fall Creek Trail.
  • White River Wapahani Trail.
  • Pleasant Run Greenway.
  • CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.
  • Town Run Trail.

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