Readers ask: Trail Tech Vapor Where Are The Miles At?

Readers ask: Trail Tech Vapor Where Are The Miles At?

How do you set the odometer on a trail tech vapor?

If you buy a new or used TrailTech Vapor, it is possible to set the ODO reading to match the mileage on the bike. This will allow you to keep the accurate count of the total mileage on the bike. Press and hold all three buttons down for three seconds to enter the data setting mode.

How do I reset my Trail Tech Vapor?

Vapor Computer: Quickstart Commands: = Switch between screens in Normal Mode. + = Reset Trip Data: Maximum Speed, Distance, Ride Time, Stop Watch, Max Engine Temperature, and Max RPM.

How do I reset my digital odometer?

Digital odometers can be rolled back by removing the vehicle’s circuit board to change the odometer reading, or using rollback equipment that hooks right into the vehicle’s electronic system.

How do I reset my Trail Tech endurance?

Press and hold buttons 1 & 2 for three seconds to reset DST2, Ride Time, & AVG Speed. Press and hold button 3 to enter DST2 adjustment. Use buttons 1 & 2 to increment and decrement your DST2.

How do I reset my KTM odometer?

These are based on odometer readings. For me, this was the procedure:

  1. Remove the headlight/numberplate.
  2. unplug the red/brown/black three wire connector.
  3. press + on the trip computer to fire it up.
  4. once its booted, press + to cycle through things you can change.
  5. keep pressing + until you see WS blinking.
  6. press + again.
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Can digital odometer be tampered?

Most modern cars have digital odometers, which were earlier thought to be much harder to tamper with. Unfortunately, that’s not true anymore, and digital odometers that are tampered with don’t even look out of place and leave no tell-tale signs of odometer tampering, as the whole process is mostly electronic.

How can I improve my odometer reading?

You can increase the reading on a digital odometer by providing a pulse, but it only up counts, the pulses have no direction. You can try to overrun the mileage EEPROM register, and it might result in zeroing the mileage and counting up again.

What temperature should a trail Tech fan be set at?

A feature of the Trail Tech fan is that you can choose the temperature at which the fan turns on, and we found 175 degrees to be a good number. Only once did I have the 350 boil over and steam after a grueling first gear, clutch-slipping climb.

How do you adjust a trail Tech fan?

FAN TEMPERATURE SETTING After the temperature unit is selected, wait 5 seconds and the word “Hi” will display. Press and hold blue button to increment or decrement. Arrow in lower left corner indicates direction of adjustment. The direction of adjustment will change automatically in 3 seconds if button is not pressed.

How do you charge a Trail Tech Voyager Pro?

To charge Voyager Pro using a wall outlet, a Trail Tech approved wall charger is required. Attempting to charge Voyager Pro directly off an outlet will result in failure of your device.

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