Lost – VDLP Day 5

El Real to Monesterio – 21.6km /  13.5 miles – now @ Hostal Extremadura

Today was suppose to be around 20 km but I ended up walking a little further due to following yellow arrows that went nowhere.

Shortly after lunch at the motorway service station (seemed a little strange walking into one, particularly with Morrissey blasting out ‘Everyday is like Sunday’).

I took a right turn through a tunnel under the motorway when I should have carried on straight. As a result, I then had to bush whack through thick scrub until I finally gave up and retraced my steps.

It was when my legs were bloody from thorn bushes  that I realised I was probably off the Camino!

The day started a little later than normal. I was last to leave the albergue and this was mainly due to a terrible nights sleep (loud snoring in my small dorm). I think this explains why I am so tired now at 7pm.

It was nice walking this morning. I had an angry dog follow me for what seemed like long time (there was a fence between us) but it was nice all the same. I then had my big lunch in the service station and watched Spanish TV news report on Brexit. Funny, but I was on the CF when the vote happened.

Still hasn’t sunk in really, all this Brexit and ‘I won’t have a European Union passport soon’ stuff. I saw the front cover of a German newspaper with a cartoon picture of our PM in a little paper boat, with the union flag, just drifting away. Poignant.

Talking of being alone, I did know beforehand that the VDLP is much less popular than the popular Camino Frances, but I have to confess that I am starting to think it’s a little too quiet and I miss the comradery of the CF.

It probably does n’t help that I am staying in my own room tonight, but it was €5 more than sleeping with strangers who might keep me awake. I will go back to sharing tomorrow.

I arrived in Monesterio around 4pm and headed straight to where I could get a private room. It was suppose to be €20, but in my woeful Spanish, I knocked her down to €15.

There is no kitchen in the hostal and it’s surprising chilly now after a hot day, so I am eating out tonight. There are a number of options for dining but I chose a bar called Lola, for no reason other than I like the song.

4 thoughts on “Lost – VDLP Day 5”

  1. Learning from your mistakes… No fun for you, but a good warning for me, who will soon follow in your footsteps. Thanks.

  2. I just found your blog, right after I discovered the Via de la Plata even existed! I am researching the Camino and was discouraged by the huge numbers who walk the Camino Frances (I’d like some company, but I’m not sure of that much!) so I will be interested to follow your blog over the coming weeks and see how you get on. Buen Camino!

  3. We have not heard from you in a while. I hope all is ok and you are taking a break from blogging to have some fun.

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