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Getting Travel Insurance for Hiking

Travel insurance is pretty essential when you visit another country. In fact it’s essential. Sometimes you even need travel insurance for your own country if you are out hiking or trekking. I do know that World Nomads (see below) covers most nationalities up to 2000 meters. They will even cover up to 6000m if you tell them beforehand.


Hiking Insurance for all Nationalities

Hiking Insurance for UK and EU Citizens

Hiking Insurance for UK citizens only

Now a lot of UK travel insurance companies will actually cover you up to 2000 metres under their standard policies. I am actually not sure about other countries as I only have experience of buying travel insurance in the UK.

Listed below are a number of travel insurance providers who will cover some hiking activities but you will need to check with the individual policies to check the location and hiking altitude.

Hiking Insurance for all Nationalities


World Nomads Backpacker insurance is an extremely popular backpacker travel insurance company that offers great features that can be bought from anywhere in the world!
Some of their features include the following:
– Ability to buy cover while you are travelling even if you have left home
– Cover many different nationalities

Quotes from £21.00 / $49.00

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Hiking Insurance for UK and EU Citizens

globelink insurance reviews

Globelink Hiking Insurance – Long term EU and UK passport holders

Regular stay policy is best if you only take one holiday or are only travelling to one destination.
Take as many holidays as you wish and be covered all year long! 17 days Winter Sports Cover FREE if you take out the 45 days policy.
They offer many different levels of adventure sports including trekking, hiking and walking.

Example Quote* – £35.00

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Hiking Insurance for British Citizens Only

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Travel Supermarket for Hiking

– MoneySuperMarket have teamed up with Voyager Insurance, an award winning global provider of travel insurance, to provide access to an extensive range of international hiking cover.
– They represent a number of companies that provide coverage for hiking as part of a travel insurance policy.

Online quotes from £34.10


long stay travel insurance UK

Medical Travel Insurance – Up to 12 months coverfor hiking

Medical Travel Insurance is a very flexible insurance provider who search many partners for the cheapest long term travel insurance quote.
They have cover for over a 1000 different medical conditions, with competitive prices on each of the policys containing any of our listed conditions across all our cover type; single trip, annual multi trip etc
Example Quote* – £35.00


essential long stay travel insurance

Essential Hiking Travel Insurance – up to 24 months

Choose from 3 cover levels: Standard Backpacker, Essential Backpacker and Essential Plus Backpacker
Continuous cover for up to 24 months
Purchase up to 60 days in advance
Example Quote* – £33.21 (Backpacker Trip)

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Of course if you are heading to Nepal to do one of the world famous trekking trips then you will need cover up to 6000m as this would be needed for Everest base camp or the Annapurna circuit.

It’s really important to have cover. Here are some of the injuries that are common to Hikers include:

  • High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (fluid in the lungs)
  • Nausea
  • Hypothermia
  • Exhaustion
  • Headaches

Adventure hiking is at an all-time high, and is one of the most common reasons hikingers buy hiking insurance – for medical coverage during the length of their trip. Many adventurous hikingers with planned mountain climbing excursions turn to hiking insurance as an extra precaution, however depending on the specifics of the climb, there may not be coverage.

Many hiking insurance policies cover hiking and exclude mountain climbing, but the difference between the two isn’t always clear to hikingers.
How Are You Climbing?

Hiking insurance policies typically differentiate hiking from mountain climbing or mountaineering by the use of equipment. If ropes or guides are used, for example, the activity usually meets the definition of mountain climbing. hikingers planning excursions that fall within this category should look for a policy with Sports & Activities coverage.
How High Are You Climbing?

Hiking insurance for mountaineering typically restricts coverage to a certain height. While most policies limit coverage to 15,000 feet, some only extend coverage to 11,500 feet. Any injuries sustained above the listed height will not be covered under the policy, so it is important for hikingers to always compare their coverage with their climbing itineraries to make sure their excursion is covered.
How Are You Getting Down?

While some standard policies can provide coverage for mountain climbing, they may not cover other adventure activities hikingers plan to participate in while they are on the mountain or on their way back down. hiking insurance policies with Sports & Activities benefits can cover a wide array of mountain-related activities that are often excluded from standard policies, such as mountain biking, ice climbing, and skiing.

To search for hiking insurance for mountaineering, hikingers can use Squaremouth’s Adventure hiking Insurance activity selection matrix.

Each season a handful of clients must cancel their trips at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays or cancellations, illness or injury. Many of our trips visit remote areas where the nearest medical facility could be many miles away. In the event that you or your loved ones become ill or injured, we highly recommend the purchase of hiking insurance. You’ll have the peace of mind that your investment is insured and that hikinger assistance will be available at your destination should you need it.
hiking Insurance

REI Adventures has partnered with TripAssure and created custom plans that meet the needs of the active adventure hikinger. TripAssure provides industry leading coverage that includes trip cancellation/trip interruption, emergency medical evacuation and treatment, and protection for your flights and baggage.

Please note that if you would like to take advantage of the pre-existing condition waiver, it is valid only if your protection plan is purchased within 21 days from the date your initial reservation is made. Certain restrictions apply.

Is Hiking Insurance Worth it?

Every time you buy a plane ticket, cruise trip or other hiking tickets, you end up getting asked the same thing: Do you want to add hiking insurance for just a few extra dollars? In that moment, you’re probably excited about buying your tickets and making plans, not thinking ways you can pay more for insurance for—what exactly?

hiking insurance sounds like one of those types of insurance you don’t need, just like extended warranties are generally not worth it. But in some cases, shelling out for hiking insurance is a smart move. Let’s take a look at your options and when hiking insurance makes sense or doesn’t.
What hiking insurance covers and how much it costs

You can get hiking insurance from a number of sources: the airline or cruise carrier directly, an independent hiking insurance agency, and, sometimes, your credit card. hiking insurance typically costs between five and 10% of your trip cost, according to hiking insurance comparison site SquareMouth.

The insurance coverage varies by your carrier as well as the individual policy you purchase. Overall, though, hiking insurance is meant to protect you against unforeseen hiking misfortunes, like an illness that forces you to cancel your trip.

There are four main types of coverage included in most hiking insurance:
Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance

This reimburses you for non-refundable hiking costs if your trip is cancelled or seriously delayed due to a natural disaster, illness, or if your carrier goes out of business. Independent and carrier-provided insurance policies offer protection up to the amount you purchased.

One aspect that can raise the cost of your hiking insurance policy is “cancel for any reason” coverage. If you want this coverage, you must buy your policy within two or three weeks of making your trip deposit or buying your tickets. It gives you the right to cancel up to a few days before your departure date and get a refund of about 50% to 75% of your costs.

It may seem silly to get insurance for simply changing your mind. But some reasons you might need to cancel your trip wouldn’t be covered by regular cancellation insurance, like a job loss that dramatically reduces your income or the illness of a family member.