FAQ: How Long To Hike Pipiwai Trail?

FAQ: How Long To Hike Pipiwai Trail?

How hard is the Pipiwai trail?

There are many beautiful things to see including a huge banyan tree and incredible bamboo forest. Also, at the end is a gorgeous waterfall, with warning signs stopping you from getting too close. This is a difficult hike, slippery in places and 99% rough, uneven ground.

Is Pipiwai trail easy?

The Pipiwai Trail is easy to access on the south end of Haleakalā National Park, is exceptionally well-maintained, and takes hikers past a wide range of unique sights. Along the way you’ll be able to explore a dense bamboo forest, a grove of ancient banyan trees, and the spectacular 400-foot Waimoku Falls.

How long is the hike to Waimoku Falls?

400ft Waimoku Falls It is 4 miles round-trip, gaining 650-feet in elevation. It takes 2 1/2 – 5 hours to hike, depending on how much nature loving you do.

Do you need a reservation for Pipiwai trail?

You do not need reservations for hiking the Pipiwai Trail. Also, The Haleakala Crater is a long way from the trail.

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Can you swim at Pipiwai trail?

It does take some time to do the entire trail to Waimoku and back. It took us about 2 hrs 45 but we stopped for a lot of photos and rested for a snack at Waimoku. Big banyan tree, Makahiku Falls, the famous bamboo forest, and the 400ft star at the end. No pool at the base so no swimming.

Can you swim on Pipiwai trail?

Hike on the 2-mile Pipiwai Trail and witness a breathtaking bamboo jungle and dramatic cliffs. Then, bathe in the two lower pools and find a nice spot to share a picnic with your loved ones! Tip: Obey the signs and avoid swimming if you don’t see any other swimmers in the water!

Can you swim in the Seven Sacred Pools?

Enjoy a Scenic Hike Note that swimming is strictly prohibited at the Seven Pools, but not along the Pipiwai Trail. Be on the lookout for wet rocks!

Is the Pipiwai trail on the road to Hana?

Most people would go to Pipiwai Trail as a part of the popular Road to Hana drive. It’s located at the “end” of the Road to Hana, and the last point where people would typically turn around and drive the Road to Hana as an out-and-back if they choose to go this far.

Is Pipiwai trail kid friendly?

We chose the Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls. Four miles roundtrip is a little ambitious for a six year old, but totally doable. If you’re setting out on a long hike with kids, make sure you bring: LOTS of water.

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Can you swim in Waimoku Falls?

Once out of the pool, if you ‘re an off-trail kind of hiker who hasn’t had enough off-trail, you can continue your side-trip upstream along the streambed (be ready to do some swimming and climbing) and check out some more worthy pools and waterfalls.

What time does Pipiwai trail open?

Phased Operation- Kīpahulu District Open from 9am-5pm Please plan your trip accordingly and exit the park promptly by 5 pm.

Is it safe to bike down Haleakala?

Really, the Haleakalā volcano tours are no more dangerous than any other bike ride. You do however, need to be comfortable riding a bike, be able to focus, and be able to use hand brakes. But basically this bike ride will be dangerous only if the biker decides to ride recklessly.

Does Hosmer Grove Campground fill up?

Does Hosmer Grove Campground Fill Up? Although it’s a rather small campground, I didn’t have the impression that the Hosmer Grove Campground ever gets completely full.

How long is the Kapalua Coastal Trail?

Kapalua Coastal Trail is a 2.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels.

How do I get to the Pipiwai trail?

So getting to Pipiwai Trail is not difficult. So once you enter the Haleakala National Park Kipahulu area, you’ll just continue to follow the signs to the parking! Right near the main parking lot and Kipahulu Visitor Center, you’ll find the start of the trail. And then off you go on the trail!

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