Often asked: How Long Does It Take To Hike The Corona Arch Trail?

Often asked: How Long Does It Take To Hike The Corona Arch Trail?

How long is Corona Arch hike?

The hike to Corona Arch is only 1.5 miles, making it a 3.0 mile roundtrip hike. If done early in the day, you should have plenty of time to do other hikes in the area.

How long is the arches hike?

The trail to see Delicate Arch up close and personal is 3 miles (4.8 km) roundtrip and climbs 480 feet (146m). Along this steadily uphill trail, you’ll also pass the Wolfe Ranch cabin and a wall of Ute Indian petroglyphs.

Is Corona Arch free?

Since it’s on public land, not part of Arches National Park, there is no entrance fee required to hike to the arch. The trailhead for Corona Arch is located about 10 miles down the Potash Road (State Road 279).

Can you drive to the Corona Arch?

It sounds like a trip down Potaash Rd wants a 4 WD.) Potash Rd is a paved road to and past the Corona Arch trailhead. Any regular vehicle will work fine. Trailhead Location: On Utah Scenic Byway 279, 10 miles west of the Utah 279/U.S. 191 junction.

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Is Corona Arch a difficult hike?

Corona Arch, also called Little Rainbow Bridge, is your final destination, but the trail also passes Pinto Arch and Bowtie Arch along the way. The trail is easy to follow although it does cross some wide expanses of slickrock pavement.

Is Corona Arch better sunrise or sunset?

The best time to hike to Corona Arch or anywhere in Moab for that matter is fall, winter, or spring. The bonus of that is sunrise and sunset are beautiful times to photograph Corona Arch. During those times, you’ll also be most likely to beat the crowds.

How difficult is Delicate Arch hike?

Hiking the Delicate Arch Trail

  1. Distance: 3.2 miles (4.8 km) roundtrip.
  2. Elevation Gain: 480 feet (146m)
  3. Difficulty: Moderate, but could be strenuous on a hot summer day.
  4. Trail: Well-maintained, mostly slickrock.
  5. Maps: USGS Arches National Park; Trails Illustrated Arches National Park.

Is Delicate Arch hike scary?

Some sections of the trail are a little steep. I can’t imagine hiking this trail mid-day in the summer. The last part of the trail is along a pretty wide ledge which I still found a bit scary as I am not comfortable about heights. The arch is hidden from view until the very end of the trail.

Is Arches National Park dangerous?

Each year, park rangers respond to dozens of search or rescue incidents in the park. These frequently involve heat exhaustion, dehydration, climbing or scrambling and improper footwear. We want your visit to be safe and enjoyable. Below are some of the potential hazards you may experience during your visit.

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Why is it called Corona Arch?

Some say Corona Arch is so called because it looks like a picture of a solar flare. From the base of Corona Arch, railroad tracks can be seen several hundred feet below at the bottom of the Bootlegger canyon. The opening of Corona Arch is said to be 140 by 105 foot.

Are dogs allowed on Corona Arch hike?

Fido is welcome on BLM land and State Parks. Hiking trails outside the park are deserted compared to the high number of visitors on the trails at National Parks. While everyone heads to Delicate Arch, head to Corona Arch.

Where do you park for Corona Arch?

There’s a parking lot right at the trailhead, on the right hand side of Rt 279, about 10 miles from the junction of 279 and Hwy 191.

How do you get to the top of the Corona Arch?

Follow the base of the cliff east to a safety cable that protects a slightly exposed section of trail. Corona Arch is visible from this point. After the first safety cable, continue to follow the base of the cliff to a second safety cable and moki steps carved into the sandstone. Climb to the top of the moki steps.

How do you make a Double O Arch?

Reach the spur trail to the left (southwest) leading to Double O Arch, 0.8 miles past the Navajo/Partition Arch junction. (The total distance, without side trips, from the trailhead to Double O Arch is 2.1 miles.) Beautiful Double O is a stacked arch with a large upper opening, measuring 71-ft wide and 45-ft.

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How do I get to the Druid Arch?

You can reach Druid Arch from several routes, but the most commonly used route is the out-and-back route from Elephant Hill Trailhead.

  1. Start: Elephant Hill Trailhead.
  2. Distance: 10.8 miles; out and back.
  3. Difficulty: Difficult.
  4. Maps: USGS The Loop and Druid Arch; Trails Illustrated Needles.

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