Quick Answer: Hollywood Sign Trail Hike Where To Park?

Quick Answer: Hollywood Sign Trail Hike Where To Park?

Where do you park for the Ferndell trail?

Go west on Los Feliz Boulevard for 2.4 miles. Turn right up Fern Dell Drive and look for roadside parking. The trailhead is 450 feet up the road on the left at the northwest corner of the intersection with Black Oak Drive.

How do you get to the Hollywood sign by car?

The most common directions online recommend taking Barham Blvd to Lake Hollywood Drive. Instead, you can navigate to 6451 Weidlake Drive. Follow the road past that address to a small parking area near a gate.

Where does the Hollywood sign hike start?

The trailhead sign and landscaping are at the north end of the Observatory parking lot. The hike begins with a short, easy ascent along a ridge. Look for the Mt. Hollywood trailhead sign and landscaping at the north end of the Observatory parking lot.

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How long is the Hollywood sign hike?

How long does it take to hike to the Hollywood Sign? The trail is 3.3 miles and can take up to two hours.

Do you have to pay for parking at Griffith Park?

Drive & Park The area surrounding the Griffith Observatory is paid parking. Parking is enforced every day of the year, Monday-Friday 12pm—10pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am—10pm.

Do you have to hike to the Griffith Observatory?

No permit is required to hike to Griffith Observatory and visiting Griffith Park is free, so get out and enjoy! To get to the trailhead: From Interstate 5, take exit 141 for Los Feliz Boulevard. Go west on Los Feliz Boulevard for 2.4 miles.

Who died at the Hollywood sign?

The haunted history of the iconic Hollywood sign. The Hollywood sign is said to be haunted by actress Peg Entwistle, who died there in the 1930s. Hollywood has always loved a good story, whether it’s happy or tragic, and the one about Peg Entwistle is definitely the latter.

How difficult is the hike to the Hollywood sign?

The Easy Hollywood Sign Hike

In This Guide Turn by Turn Hike Directions & Video Hollywood Sign Hike Trail Maps Planning Your Trip Parking Info
Total Distance (?) 6 miles (9.7 km)
Hike Time 2-3 Hours (Total)
Difficulty (?) Moderate
Total Ascent (?) 1,100 feet (335m)

Can I drive up to the Hollywood sign?

Can I touch the Hollywood Sign? Unfortunately, for your safety, the safety of the plants and wildlife of Griffith Park, and for the safety of the Sign, you cannot. The closest you can get to the Hollywood Sign is up and above it and that location is accessible by several hikes within Griffith Park.

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What is the easiest hike to the Hollywood sign?

This is usually the least crowded route, but the trail is rough and packs a good workout on the way to Mount Lee. The next shortest option, and the easiest way to the Hollywood Sign, is to start on Hollyridge Trail, which departs from the top of Beachwood Drive.

Is it safe to hike to the Hollywood sign alone?

It is no longer safe near the Sign. Instead go to the LA Observatory, or Runyon Canyon to see the Sign. There is great parking, hiking trails and more amazing views that include the Hollywood sign. If you have great stamina then you can hike to the sign.

What is the best hike to the Hollywood sign?

Griffith Park Hiking Trails The best place to see the Hollywood Sign is at Griffith Park. There are multiple hiking trails on Mt. Hollywood leading from the back corner of the Observatory parking lot. The main Griffith Observatory hike leads to an advantageous spot that allows you to view the sign in comfort.

What happens if you climb the Hollywood sign?

People who climb to the Hollywood Sign are fully aware they are trespassing: there are Do Not Enter Signs on the way up, as well as a gate. The Sign itself is equipped with sensors and loudspeakers, and police helicopters are deployed at the first sign of a breach.

How do you get to Hollywood sign without hiking?

There are two places where you can get closeup views of the Hollywood Sign without hiking at all. The closest view is from Lake Hollywood Park at 3160 Canyon Lake Drive. Most people stop at the park, and going beyond that point is discouraged.

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Where do celebrities go hiking in LA?

Griffith Park, one of the top filming locations in LA, is one of the best spots to hike in the hills and see celebrities! Home of such movies as “ La La Land,” “Rebel Without a Cause,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” and more, this park also features miles of hiking trails packed with visitors and film stars alike.

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