Quick Answer: How Long To Hike The Fl Trail From Ocala To Key West?

Quick Answer: How Long To Hike The Fl Trail From Ocala To Key West?

How long does the Florida Trail take to hike?

Most hikers take 60 to 90 days to complete the trail.

What is the best time to hike the Florida Trail?

A: The hiking season in Florida runs basically from late October through April. Because of unpredictable weather and hunting seasons in the fall, we recommend thru- hikes start in the south in early January and end in the north by April.

How hard is the Florida Trail?

“The Florida Trail is like the ugly stepchild,” Kennedy says. “It gets the least amount of attention, yet it is the toughest trail out there.” That’s thanks in part to the swamp water. Flooding often devours large swaths of the trail in the 150 miles between Lake Okeechobee and Ocala National Forest in central Florida.

How much of the Florida Trail is road walk?

903 miles Road connector ( road walks ): 365.71 miles. The Eastern Corridor by itself is 248.52 miles long.

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What is the hardest hiking trail in the US?

The 8 Most Challenging Hiking Trails in America

  1. Skyline/Muir Snowfield Trail (9 miles) Mount Rainier, WA.
  2. Ruckel Ridge Loop (9.6 miles) Columbia River Gorge, OR.
  3. The Maze (13.5 miles) Canyonlands, UT.
  4. Slickrock Creek Trail (13.5 miles) Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness, NC.

Is hiking in Florida dangerous?

The Florida Trail Is The Single Most Dangerous Hike In The Entire State. When people think about epic thru- hikes in the United States, one that might remain on the backburner is the lesser-known Florida Trail. This Florida thru- hike remains one of the most dangerous hikes in the state and is not for the faint of heart.

Can you carry a gun on the Florida Trail?

Many non-hikers ask women who thru- hike, including me, if they carry a weapon. Aside from my little knife brought for food prep, the answer is NO. And most definitely no for taking a gun. The risk of accident alone when carrying a gun, to yourself and others, is not worth it.

What is the hardest thru-hike?

Less than 10 years old, this thru – hike has already confounded three Triple Crown hikers. The Trans Adirondack Route is one hell of a thru – hike: 240 miles of trails, road, and off-path bushwhacking.

Can you camp anywhere on Florida Trail?

Hikers are limited to designated campsites during general gun (deer hunting) season. Random camping is otherwise permitted. During the hunts, you MUST stay in these designated campsites as you traverse of the trail through the forest. You can opt to stay at any of these campsites at any time.

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Which is harder Appalachian Trail or PCT?

You’ll want to note that the AT takes five to seven months to complete its 2,190 miles, while the PCT take four to six months to complete 2,650 miles of trail. It’s true that most people who’ve hiked both trails will crown the AT as the more difficult trail.

How much does it cost to Hike the Florida Trail?

Thru-Hike Overview

mileage 1,100
cost $2500 – $3300 for on- trail expenses
direction south to north is best
start Oasis Visitor Center, Big Cypress National Preserve
end Fort Pickens, Gulf Islands National Seashore


How much water should I bring on the Appalachian Trail?

A general estimate is that hikers will have to carry anywhere between 1-2 liters of water. It’s unlikely most hikers need to carry more than 2 liters at a time, except in special circumstances.

Is 4 miles a long hike?

The estimate also includes Naismith’s Rule and Book Time calculated solely on Distance and Elevation Gain. Use these for comparison. How Long Does It Take To Hike A Few Miles?

How Many Miles A Flat Hike Takes A Gradual Hike Takes
4 miles 1 hr 20 mins 1 hr 40 mins
5 miles 1 hr 35 mins 2 hrs

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