Readers ask: How Long To Hike The West Coast Trail?

Readers ask: How Long To Hike The West Coast Trail?

How difficult is the West Coast Trail?

Hiking the West Coast Trail is difficult, even for experienced hikers.” Most people will spend between 6 and 8 days in the backcountry, when travelling from end-to-end. There’s also a mid-way entry point at Nitinaht Village, which can shorten your journey by a few days.

Can you hike the West Coast Trail alone?

The West Coast Trail: 75 KM, Solo.

Is the West Coast Trail dangerous?

So is the West Coast Trail dangerous? Yes. But not in a moment-by-moment, life-hanging-in-the-balance sort of way (unless you deliberately put yourself in those situations, like we sometimes did). The greater issue is one of endurance.

How many ladders are on the West Coast Trail?

How hard is hiking the West Coast Trail? For an experienced hiker I would say the trail is moderate to tough. Climbing more than 70 ladders, walking in the mud and kilometers on the beach carrying your tent and all your food and gear for a week is not easy.

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Should I hike the West Coast Trail?

The West Coast Trail is one of the best-known hiking trails in Canada. It covers 75km through some of the toughest and most beautiful terrain in British Columbia’s coastal rainforest. I first hiked the WCT back in June 2004. In fact, it was my first backpacking trip ever!

How much does the West Coast Trail cost?

West Coast Trail: Planning

Example Hiker Fees: Pachena Bay to Gordon River Nitinaht Village to Gordon River
Reservation Fee $24.50 $24.50
WCT Overnight Use PERMIT $130.31 $130.31
Ferry Fee – Gordon River $22.00 $22.00
Ferry Fee – Nitinaht Narrows $22.00

How do I reserve the West Coast Trail?

West Coast Trail: Reservations

  1. 1-877-737-3783 (toll-free within Canada & US)
  2. 1-519-826-5391 (international)

Can dogs do the West Coast Trail?

Dogs are not permitted on the West Coast Trail unless they are service pets. 7. No, the only means of accessing any section of the West Coast Trail is to hike from either Pachena Bay, Gordon River or Nitinaht.

What do you need to hike the West Coast Trail?

West Coast Trail: Packing

  1. Sturdy boots: High quality hiking boots with good ankle and arch support are required.
  2. Rainwear and warm clothing: Bring a durable waterproof jacket and pants; underlayers that keep you warm when wet and are quick to dry, as well as a warm hat and gloves.
  3. Lightweight backpacking stove and fuel.

What do you eat on the West Coast Trail?

Food can really make or break a trip and the West Coast Trail ( WCT ) is no exception. Alright, here’s my food list for the trip:

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Day 1 N/A
Day 2 Oatmeal, bananas, nuts, instant milk
Day 3 Oatmeal, chocolate chips, nuts, instant milk
Day 6 Oatmeal, chocolate chips, nuts, instant milk

Which is harder Juan de Fuca or West Coast Trail?

Better beaches, more wildlife although JDF is pretty nice as well. Overall: JDF is easier physically, easier to organize, but shorter and not as rugged. Both are nice in their own waysbut perhaps the WCT is better for the more hard -core backpacker whereas the JDF is a good option for newbies to backpacking.

How busy is the West Coast Trail?

Around a hundred people start the West Coast Trail daily during the busy months of July to August, adding up to over 6,000 hikers per year.

Has anyone died on the Pacific Crest Trail?

There are relatively few deaths on PCT thru-hikes, considering the number of hikers, and the main causes of death are heat exhaustion, falls, and drowning due to either misadventure or bad luck. There have been 15 deaths on the PCT since 1983.

Do you need gaiters for hiking?

A: Gaiters are indeed a necessary piece of equipment, Matt. Snow is the chief offender here, so gaiters are most often sold for that purpose. But during the dry months gaiters can keep gravel, dirt, weed burrs, and other material out of your footwear.

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