Readers ask: How Long To Hike West Coast Trail?

Readers ask: How Long To Hike West Coast Trail?

How difficult is the West Coast Trail?

Hiking the West Coast Trail is difficult, even for experienced hikers.” Most people will spend between 6 and 8 days in the backcountry, when travelling from end-to-end. There’s also a mid-way entry point at Nitinaht Village, which can shorten your journey by a few days.

Where does the West Coast Trail start and finish?

The West Coast trail starts at the Gordon River trailhead outside Port Renfrew on it’s southern end stretching north for 75km to the town of Bamfield. The Juan de Fuca trail starts at the Botanical Beach trailhead outside Port Renfrew making its way south for 47km next to the coast to the China Beach trailhead.

How busy is the West Coast Trail?

Around a hundred people start the West Coast Trail daily during the busy months of July to August, adding up to over 6,000 hikers per year.

Has anyone died on the West Coast Trail?

The West Coast Trail tackles some pretty rugged terrain. Each year Parks Canada evacuates up to 100 people from the trail due to illness or injury. There have even been a few deaths on the West Coast Trail. There is no cell service on most of the trail.

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Can you do the West Coast Trail alone?

Hey good luck and have a great trip, Explorer! Up to this year 95% of all my trips, hiking and canoeing were all solo. This will be a great experience for you – you will come out of it feeling like a new person, because for the entire effort your will have relied only on yourself for every little detail.

Is the West Coast Trail dangerous?

So is the West Coast Trail dangerous? Yes. But not in a moment-by-moment, life-hanging-in-the-balance sort of way (unless you deliberately put yourself in those situations, like we sometimes did). The greater issue is one of endurance.

What should I pack for the West Coast Trail?

What to Pack:

  • 75 – 80 L backpack.
  • Warm sleeping bag and thin liner (ideally silk or other breathable fabric – optional)
  • Water resistant and windproof jacket (with hood) and pants.
  • Fleece jacket and pants.
  • Shirt with long sleeves / T-shirt.
  • Hiking pants / shorts.
  • Poly-propylene underwear.
  • 2 – 3 pairs of hiking socks.

Is the West Coast Trail for you?

Hiking Canada’s famous 75 km long West Coast Trail is for you – if you have masochistic tendencies. Every year approximately 6,000 people attempt it between May 1st and September 30th. It’s almost a rite of hiking passage to be able to say that you survived the trail. (In 2021 it doesn’t open until June 4th.)

How many K is the West Coast Trail?

The West Coast Trail, originally called the Dominion Lifesaving Trail, is a 75 km (47 mi) backpacking trail following the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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Can dogs do the West Coast Trail?

Dogs are not permitted on the West Coast Trail unless they are service pets. 7. No, the only means of accessing any section of the West Coast Trail is to hike from either Pachena Bay, Gordon River or Nitinaht.

What direction do you hike the West Coast Trail?

West Coast Trail Hiking Route You can hike from south to north, or north to south. You can complete the trail in one day, 10 days, or anywhere in between (the record is 9.5 hours). You can camp at your choice of 13 campsites (or choose your own spot to sleep). There are choices between inland and beach routes.

How much does the West Coast Trail cost?

West Coast Trail: Planning

Example Hiker Fees: Pachena Bay to Gordon River Nitinaht Village to Gordon River
Reservation Fee $24.50 $24.50
WCT Overnight Use PERMIT $130.31 $130.31
Ferry Fee – Gordon River $22.00 $22.00
Ferry Fee – Nitinaht Narrows $22.00


Where does the Chilkoot Trail start and end?

The Chilkoot Trail is a 33-mile (53 km) trail through the Coast Mountains that leads from Dyea, Alaska, in the United States, to Bennett, British Columbia, in Canada. It was a major access route from the coast to Yukon goldfields in the late 1890s.

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